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balkan beat gypsy dub cumbia trip-hop jazz reggae ambient funk afrobeat bhangra bossa tango broken beat celtic ska electro swing latin psychedelic folk fusion downtempo global beat gnawa klezmer mashups sufi oriental groove rumba boogaloo shing-a-ling tropical world brass n bass lullabies bulgarian folklore gheto funk glitch hop lounge qawwali acid jazz fado horo roots indian classic calypso traditional rebel sounds

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Radio Shtastika plays 24/7 world music.

Just jumping around different styles from authentic folklore to electronics.

No mainstream stuff and no ads.

Listen to the wild rhythms of the world, let your mind digest the diversity of the people freely occupying the earth and let your emotions explode with the passion of their dancing spirit ...

A small reference about the name of the radio. Shtastika is a hidden word between Bulgarian language, which google calls Cyrillic, and the old Indian/Vedic language Sanskrit. It's a mysterious link between the cultures and you can find many more words with exactly the same meanings. Just look for Veda Slovena in general. So the word for happiness in Bulgarian is 'Shtastie' - Щастие, which is very close to 'Swastie' the root of the word in Sanskrit for the sacred symbol - Swastika. Usually it's the forbidden symbol in our society today but not in our roots. Many native people have been and are still using it to this day. It symbolizes a lot of things as well as good luck and the vortex of nature but we are not here to explain that. We just wanna say that since almost every ancient culture has that symbol on the embroideries of their clothes, carpets, tiles etc., we guess it's not that bad 😜. Enjoy the music.

Note to listeners: Since the radio moved to a new location with different servers, if you experience any trouble listening to the stream pls drop a note in our telegram channel of the radio.